2.1 Flight Instruction

Primary or advanced flight training is permissible in Club aircraft.

2.2 Primary Training

The Club generally has members that are certificated flight instructors (CFIs) willing to provide primary flight instruction (i.e. instruction to obtain an initial pilot certificate) and will accept new members as student pilots. Primary flight instruction conducted in Club aircraft must be performed by a Board-approved, member-CFI. In the event there is no Board-approved, member-CFI available or willing to conduct primary flight instruction, the member may request to be placed inactive per §12.3.7 until such time as a qualified and willing CFI becomes available.

2.3 Advanced Training

A member, meeting all Club and FAA requirements to act as PIC, may fly with any qualified CFI or CFII for the purposes of advanced training without Board approval for the instructor. Either the member or instructor must be able to act as PIC for the flight and flight conditions. Additional information is provided in §3.7 Guest Instructors for advanced training.