3.1 Board-approved Flight Instructors

The Board will approve flight instructors for primary instruction, new-member checkrides and annual checkrides. There is no limit on the number of Board-approved instructors.

3.2 Requirements for Board Approval

3.2.1 Club Membership

The instructor must be a club member in good standing for a minimum of six (6) months.

3.2.2 Pilot-In-Command Time

The instructor must have a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of Pilot-In-Command time in make and model to provide instruction or checkrides in complex or high-performance Club aircraft.

3.2.3 Right-seat Checkout

The instructor must receive a right-seat checkout in a Club aircraft by the safety officer or an appointed Club instructor. A separate right-seat checkout is required in the make and model of each high-performance or complex aircraft; however, a right-seat checkout in either will satisfy the requirement for any Club aircraft not designated as complex or high-performance.

3.2.4 Recommendation to the Board

The instructor must be recommended to the Board by the safety officer or appointed Club instructor and approved by a majority vote.

3.3 Currency Requirements

3.3.1 Club Currency

All instructors providing primary instruction or annual checkrides in Club aircraft must meet all checkout and currency requirements as specified in §4.3.

3.3.2 Experience Requirements

All instructors providing flight instruction in Club aircraft must meet the experience requirements specified in the insurance policy in effect for the aircraft being used as specified in §4.3.5.

3.4 Annual Instructor Requirements

All Board-approved instructors must have an annual checkride by another Board-approved instructor. Additionally, all Board-approved instructors are required to have a safety briefing by the Club safety officer each year. The briefing will cover Club operating procedures, checkout requirements and insurance requirements. Failure to accomplish the requirements of this paragraph by March 1st of each year will result in the loss of Board-approved status until such time as the requirements are met.

3.5 Checkride Form

All instructors performing aircraft checkouts or annual checkrides are required to complete and sign a Checkout/Checkride form (hereinafter called the Checkride form). This form must be forwarded to the safety officer upon completion of the checkout or checkride. A Checkride form is available in Appendix A.

3.6 Billing Slips

Each Board-approved instructor shall ensure that his or her name is on the billing slip when performing instruction for aircraft checkouts or checkrides. An additional notation shall be made when the member completed it satisfactorily so currency records may be updated. The instructor should also note whether it met the requirements of a flight review as defined in the Federal Aviation Regulations, or FARs.

3.7 Guest Instructors for Advanced Training

Non-Club instructors are permitted to instruct in Club aircraft provided the following:

3.7.1 Member

The member receiving instruction meets all Club and FAA requirements to perform the duties of PIC under VFR. The member shall be responsible to verify that the guest instructor meets the insurance requirements specified in §4.3.5

3.7.2 Guest Instructor

The guest instructor meets all FAA requirements to perform instructional duties and applicable Club currency and insurance requirements as stated in §4.3.