5.1 Policy

All Club members must receive an annual standardized checkride from a Board-approved instructor every 12 calendar months in accordance with §5.5 below to remain Club current.

5.2 General Requirements

The annual checkride will include a review of aircraft weight and balance, and aircraft performance data. It will also include a review of Club operating procedures. Emphasis will be on safety and the proper care of our aircraft.

5.2.1 Documentation Required At Time of Checkride

The member will be responsible for providing the instructor:
  1. A current, pre-filled Phoenix Flyers Aircraft Checkout/Checkride form (Appendix A of Operations Manual);
  2. Airmen certificate;
  3. Current medical certificate;
  4. Airmen’s logbook;
  5. Current Phoenix sectional and TAC charts;
  6. The Pilot Information Manual (PIM) for the aircraft used to conduct the flight. (The member must also attest to owning the PIM for each additional make and model of aircraft flown);
  7. Proof of completion of a current FAA Flight Review or Wings – Pilot Proficiency Program;
  8. And completion of the safety seminar requirements as outlined in §5.3.

5.3 Safety Seminar Requirement

5.3.1 Number of Seminars

Unless specified otherwise in this section, each Club member is required to complete a minimum of two (2) safety seminars within the 12 months prior to the annual checkride.

5.3.2 Acceptable Safety Seminars

A safety seminar is defined as a Club sponsored seminar, an FAA sponsored seminar, or an Air Safety Institute (ASI) seminar. The safety officer may schedule Club seminars. Completing any course that qualifies for at least one (1) Knowledge Credit for the FAA WINGS--Pilot Proficiency Program will meet the requirement of one safety seminar; for example, an ASI online course that qualifies for the WINGS program.

5.3.3 Alternatives to Safety Seminars

Any of the following will meet the requirement for two safety seminars: a CFI renewal course; completing a phase of the FAA WINGS—Pilot Proficiency Program; completion of a FAA Flight Review; earning a new or additional rating; or taking a FAA required Part 135/121 checkride.

5.3.4 Member Responsibility

At the time of the annual checkride, the Club member must provide evidence that he or she has fulfilled the safety seminar obligation.

5.3.5 New Members

A new member who joins the Club during the annual checkride period does not have to meet the safety seminar requirement for that period. A new member who has been in the Club six (6) months or less at the time of his or her annual checkride need only complete one (1) safety seminar.

5.4 Scheduling

It is the responsibility of the member to schedule the aircraft and arrange for his or her annual checkride with a Board-approved instructor.

5.5 Aircraft Type

A separate annual checkride is required for each Club complex or high-performance make and model aircraft in which a member has completed an initial checkout. Any complex or high-performance checkride will satisfy the checkride requirement for any “standard” (non-complex or non-high-performance) aircraft in which a member has completed an initial checkout. Club members not checked out in either a Club complex or high-performance aircraft must complete the annual checkride in any standard Club aircraft in which they have had an initial checkout.

5.6 Duration and Fees

The duration of the annual checkride shall be left to the discretion of the instructor. Any instruction fees shall be negotiated between the member and the instructor conducting the checkride and are the responsibility of the member.

5.7 Unsatisfactory Performance

If the instructor feels that the member's performance was unsatisfactory, he or she may recommend an additional checkride or additional dual instruction. The instructor will not sign the member's annual checkride until satisfactory performance is achieved.

5.8 Standardization

The same standardized checkride requirements will apply to all pilots, regardless of FAA certificate held, and will include the theme or focus area topic chosen by the board-approved flight instructors at their annual safety briefing.

5.9 Annual Checkride Record

Completion of the annual checkride must be documented utilizing the current Checkride form as specified in section §3.5. A Checkride form is available in Appendix A.