6.1 Policy

The aircraft scheduling policy will be defined and enforced by the Board: (1) to assure equal opportunity to all members; (2) to provide for maximum utilization of aircraft; and (3) to preclude loss of revenue caused by members not flying aircraft they have reserved.

6.2 Courtesy

Whenever making reservations, keep in mind that the aircraft must be shared fairly between all members. Make reservations when you know you will be flying, not on the "off-chance" that you might want the plane on the weekend. Do not monopolize a single aircraft by reserving it for multiple weekends in a row. If we are all courteous to other members, the aircraft will be easier to schedule and will have greater utilization.

6.3 Automated Reservation System

All aircraft reservations are made through our automated reservation system. The system is available via the Internet or by toll-free phone number anywhere in the United States. Complete instructions on using the automated reservation system are available in Appendix B.

6.4 Long Flights

Trips that will result in more than 10 hours of TACH time must be reported to the maintenance officer. After reserving the aircraft, call the maintenance officer to ensure that all necessary maintenance is accomplished prior to your flight.

6.5 Cancellations

Cancellations are also made through the automated reservation system. Please make any cancellations as early as possible to allow other members to schedule the aircraft.

6.6 Delayed Returns

Delayed returns will only be tolerated when the cause is weather or vital equipment malfunction. If your return is delayed, the operations officer (or any other Board member if unable to reach the operations officer) shall be notified as soon as possible. If necessary, the operations officer will work with you to update the reservation system and to notify any other member whose reservation is affected by the delay.

6.7 Early Returns

If an aircraft is returned earlier than scheduled, the remaining reservation time shall be canceled through the automated reservation system. An hour or so of local flight might still be possible. Some members prefer late evening flights, when traffic is light or summer temperatures are cooler.

6.8 Maximum Number of Reservations

The total combined number of hours a member may have on the schedule is 480 hours or 20 days. Members will be limited to a maximum of three (3) reservations on the reservation system, including backup reservations and excluding the current day’s reservation. The Board may grant a member’s request in writing for more than three reservations, generally for the purpose of primary, advanced training or flight tests.

6.9 Maximum Reservation Period

The maximum reservation period is 384 hours: 16 consecutive days. A member shall not schedule concurrent reservations in order to have extended consecutive days. There is a minimum charge of one TACH hour at the hourly rate for that aircraft for each 24 hours that the aircraft is reserved. The Board may grant a member’s request in writing for a longer reservation period.

6.10 Reserving Accurately

For better aircraft utilization, each member must attempt to schedule the aircraft as close to the actual flight time as possible. If an aircraft has not departed within two hours of the reservation start time, another member may use the remainder of the reservation. The member taking the remainder of the reservation should put a note in the comment section of the flight invoice: “[member name] NO-SHOW RESERVATION AS OF [HH:MM]”. This rule is not to be used to take a reservation if the departure is delayed by weather or equipment malfunction. As a courtesy, please call the member who has reserved the aircraft before canceling his or her reservation.

6.11 Failure to Cancel

A member who fails to cancel a reservation for a plane that he or she does not use will be charged one TACH hour, at the aircraft's hourly rate, for each full or partial day of the reservation.