Disclaimer: Except for §7.1, the information is this section of the Operations Manual is for informational purposes only. It suggests documents and/or methodology for international flight, but it is not a complete or comprehensive guide. Each member must provide his/her own documentation and follow all government procedures for any international flight. AOPA members can visit the international flying section of the AOPA website for additional information.

7.1 Authorization Letter

Members planning an international flight must request a notarized letter from the operations officer no later than ten (10) days prior to departure. The letter will (1) indicate the member as part owner and (2) authorize the use of the aircraft for flight within the destination country.

7.2 Entry and Departure Procedures

Each member is responsible for registering with eAPIS (Electronic Advance Passenger Information Service) and the Customs and Border Protection Service. Each member must obtain the latest information on entry and departure procedures for each country he or she intends to fly. Each member is also required to know and follow all flight laws for the applicable country. Any fees for entering, departing, or operating outside the continental United States are the responsibility of the individual member.

7.3 Insurance

The territory covered by our insurance policy includes the US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands or en route points therein. Changes to the policy regarding international coverage may occur. Any member seeking to take a Club aircraft outside the continental United States must contact the operations officer as soon as possible after scheduling the flight.

7.4 Mexico Policy

Members have made many trips to Mexico in Club aircraft without incident. The Club does not discourage any member from making flights into Mexico, providing the member complies with all U.S. and Mexican government regulations. The Club has additional operating procedures for flights into Mexico.

7.4.1 Insurance Requirements

Although our present Club insurance covers flights into Mexico, the Mexican Authorities may not accept the coverage; therefore, separate insurance that is recognized by Mexico must be obtained. A policy can be purchased online from MacAfee and Edwards (underwritten by Seguros Mapfre Tepeyac). The cost of the insurance is your responsibility. MacAfee and Edwards will provide the proof-of-insurance form to take with you on your trip. Contact the operations officer or the treasurer for details. To allow for any problems that may delay your return, we suggest including coverage for several days after the actual intended return date.

7.4.2 Documents Required by Mexican Authorities

This is a suggested list only. Government regulations change from time to time and must be verified by each pilot prior to any flight into Mexico.

  • Notarized letter of aircraft ownership from the operations officer
  • Copy of Mexican insurance policy
  • Aircraft airworthiness and registration certificates
  • Passport for each person aboard
  • Tourist visas are required and may be obtained at the first airport of entry
  • Pilot certificate and medical (note: student pilots are not permitted to make international flights)
  • Restricted radiotelephone operators permit