12.1 Policy

The Board shall establish monthly dues and hourly aircraft rates. Rates will be set at levels that insure high quality aircraft and provide financial health and longevity to the Club.

12.2 Monthly Charge

Each member will be charged a non-refundable, fixed, monthly fee, as set by the Board. This fee will be the same for all members.

12.3 Accounts


The share purchase price is working capital and not money held in a stockholder's account.

12.3.2 Flight Invoices Pre-flight:

Prior to each flight, a member shall fill in all those items that can be completed prior to flight: PILOT NAME; AIRCRAFT N #; YOUR ACCT. NO.; YOUR DESTINATION; DATE RETURNING; TIME RETURNING; ENGINE START (TACH READING); and DEPARTURE DATE. Post-flight:

After the flight, the member shall complete the remaining items on the page he or she began before the flight: QTS OF OIL added during the trip; ENGINE STOP (TACH READING); and RETURN DATE. The member should also: note any malfunctioning equipment; sign the slip; remove the white and yellow copies and place them in the box. The pink copy remains in the book so future pilots can review any discrepancy reports. The member should fill out the AIRCRAFT N # and ENGINE START time on the next flight invoice to be used. Rounding:

The ENGINE STOP time should be rounded up if the ending TACH time is rolling to the next tenth or hundredth increment. Discrepancies:

If a member finds a discrepancy between the ENGINE START time on the current invoice and the TACH time on the aircraft (aircraft TACH time greater than ENGINE START time on the invoice), the member should complete the ticket as described in this section, using the aircraft TACH time as the ENGINE STOP time and voiding the ticket in the COMMENTS section with the reason why the invoice is being voided. It is not necessary to void a ticket on which information was copied incorrectly from the previous invoice, i.e. an ENGINE START time less than the aircraft TACH time (cross out the incorrect time and use the correct time), or information copied to the wrong location. Member responsibility:

There should always be a new invoice book available for use upon using the last invoice in the current book. In the event the next invoice cannot be located, it is the member’s responsibility to provide all of the information described in this section on a separate piece of paper to be left with the completed invoices.

12.3.3 Fuel Receipts Domestic Fuel Receipts

Mail any gas and oil receipts promptly with your monthly remittance. The amounts, not to include tie down or hangar fees, shall be deducted from member's statement and a check for the balance remitted. All gas receipts must include the date, the aircraft tail number, and the member’s signature. Gas and oil receipts may also be scanned to a PDF or JPG image and forwarded to the treasurer with an email request for credit. International Fuel Receipts

International receipts for fuel purchased with cash in the local currency will be reimbursed at the current exchange rate obtained from currency exchange calculators on the Internet. Charged fuel will be reimbursed the amount the credit card company charged if the member includes the credit card invoice, redacted if necessary, with the request for credit. DVT and CHD Receipts

The club maintains fuel accounts with the FBOs on each of the home airports. Members shall print their name on receipts for fuel purchased on account from Cutter (DVT) and Chandler Air Service (CHD) and place the receipt in the bin with the flight tickets. Self-service and all other receipts are handled as stated in §

12.3.4 Terms

All statements are due and payable upon receipt. Delinquent accounts at the next monthly billing cycle will be charged a penalty of 2% on the outstanding balance from the previous month.

12.3.5 Delinquencies Past due charges:

Any member with past due charges of $1500.00 or more may be suspended from flight scheduling and grounded by a majority vote of the Board until his or her account is brought current. Termination:

A member whose account is in arrears for more than six months may be terminated in accordance with §

12.3.6 Termination of Stock Ownership Voluntary:

Any stockholder wishing to terminate stock ownership may offer his or her share for sale by sending a written statement to the Board. Involuntary:

The Board may, by unanimous vote, suspend, reinstate, or expel a stockholder for cause after an appropriate hearing. Interest of such stockholder shall be disposed of as described in § or § Member stock sale:

When there is no waiting list to join, the Club will purchase a terminating member’s share at any time for $4250 less any amount due. If a member does not elect to sell his or her share to the Club, he or she may sell it to anyone acceptable to the Board; however, the monthly fixed fee will continue to be charged against that share until transferred to a new member. In the case of involuntary termination of stock ownership the Club will purchase the share for $4250 less any amount due. Amounts due may include any unpaid share assessment balance. Membership fee refund:

The Club will refund the $250 membership fee to a terminating member, voluntary or involuntary, less any amount due whenever there is a waiting list to join at the time of termination. Settlement:

The Club will process member terminations in the order received by the Board. All settlements for a terminated membership will be completed within forty-five (45) days of the date of termination unless there is insufficient cash on hand to purchase the share and maintain working capital for the daily operation of the Club. In that event, the Board will take immediate action to sell assets or obtain equity loans to meet the obligations of this section.

12.3.7 Inactive Membership Status:

Inactive membership status is only available to members with valid reasons for becoming inactive and must be approved by a unanimous vote of the complete Board. Inactive memberships will not be charged a fixed monthly fee. In addition, inactive members are not allowed to reserve or fly Club aircraft. Requesting inactive status:

Requests for inactive membership must be made to the Board in writing or in person at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting. The request should include the reason and planned duration for inactive status. Valid reasons for becoming inactive include: temporary work reassignments that will last more than one year; a temporary loss of medical certificate; or inability to conduct primary training for lack of a qualified Board-approved instructor. Because the Club's fixed costs for owning aircraft do not change when a membership becomes inactive, the Board will be cautious in giving approval for inactive memberships. Accepting new members:

The Board may approve a new membership to an applicant requesting to join the Club once the requesting member is placed inactive. Reactivating:

Requests to reactivate an inactive membership must be made to the Board in writing or in person at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting and approved by a majority of the Board. Upon approval by the Board, inactive memberships will normally be placed at the top of any new member waiting list and allowed to become active when a membership becomes available. A reactivated member must pay any share assessment enacted while the member was on inactive status.

12.3.8 Associate membership

Spouses, domestic partners, or dependents (as defined by the IRS Publication 501) 21 years of age or younger may become associate members. Associate members have the same access to Club aircraft as a full member. To become an associate member, a separate application for the associate member must be given to the treasurer along with a one-time fee of $150.00. No monthly fee will be assessed to the associate member, nor will the associate member be allowed to vote on any Club matters. The sponsoring member is responsible for all flying charges made by the associate member. Associate member aircraft reservations will be made under the sponsoring member’s name and all reservation scheduling limitations will apply jointly to the sponsor and associate member.