13.1 Policy

13.1.1 General

Nothing in this section limits the Board’s authority under the Club By-Laws to enter into a specific contract with any individual, member or non-member.

13.1.2 Credits

Credits can only be issued to a member's account. They cannot be received in cash except in the event of membership termination. Credits in excess of monthly fees, flying charges, or other member charges will be carried forward to the next month. No interest will be earned on credits. Requests for credit, except for automatic credits, must be submitted in writing to the Club treasurer. Each request must clearly detail the reason for credit and must be signed by the requesting member.

13.1.3 Reimbursements

Reimbursements are normally issued to a member's account, but arrangements to be reimbursed by check can be requested. All requests for reimbursement are made to the Club treasurer by submitting the applicable receipts for expenditures. Each receipt must detail the expenditure and must contain the member's account number, signature, and the tail number of the aircraft, if applicable. If a receipt is not available, other evidence of the expenditure must be submitted with a signed explanation detailing the expenditure. If requested, the treasurer will issue a check to the member for the amount of the reimbursement. Reimbursements in excess of $100 require prior approval of any Board member.

13.2 Reimbursements

The Club will reimburse the actual cost of any expenses paid by a member on behalf of the Club. The Board must approve all expenses, except fuel and out of town maintenance costing less than $100 as specified in §8.5. Typical reimbursed expenses include fuel and oil purchases for Club aircraft. Tie-down, hangar and parking fees are not reimbursable.

13.3 Credit for Recruiting

When the Club is actively seeking new members, and there is no waiting list to join, the Club will provide an incentive credit to encourage recruiting. Any current member who recruits a new member will be eligible to receive a $100 credit. The new member must purchase a share from the Board. The sponsoring member must identify the potential new member to the operations officer and must do any legwork necessary to show Club aircraft to the prospective member. Credit will be issued after the new member has been accepted into the Club and the sponsoring member has made a credit request in writing in accordance with §13.1.2. A prospective member who finds the Club through an advertisement paid for by the Club cannot be used for this credit.

13.4 Work Credit

Any member assisting with Board-sanctioned work on our aircraft may receive a credit for an amount established by the Board per hour worked. Examples of work eligible for this credit are: assisting with changing tires; assisting with oil changes; washing the aircraft; or cleaning the hangars. Credit is obtained by submitting a written request to the treasurer in accordance with §13.1.2.

13.5 Credit for the Duties of Treasurer

The treasurer will receive a credit of $150 per month for keeping the Club’s books, billing the members, paying corporate bills, and complying with required non-profit filings. The Board, at its discretion, may increase, decrease or eliminate this credit at the end of any month.

13.6 Credit for the Duties of Maintenance Officer

The maintenance officer will receive a credit of $150 per month for arranging the maintenance of our aircraft, tracking Airworthiness Directives, scheduling annuals and other required inspections, and keeping the maintenance history for our aircraft. The Board may authorize the same $150 maintenance credit to a second person sharing the monthly maintenance functions with the maintenance officer as a result of our aircraft being maintained at two locations. The Board, at its discretion, may increase, decrease or eliminate this credit at the end of any month.